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About us


rticaire Chronique is

a group of specialists, and patients with chronic urticaria, that aims to

  • improve the health and quality of life of people dealing with chronic urticaria;

  • find ways to support the advancement of knowledge and research on chronic urticaria;

  • search for relevant, updated information on chronic urticaria, validate it and make it available;

  • influence decisions within the medical community, governments and other stakeholders;

  • raise awareness of this condition;

  • inform and train medical staff so they can diagnosis correctly and better refer patients to the specialists they need.

Our team

A group of dedicated, generous and understanding humans who want you to feel supported.

Elaine Déry


Elaine Déry has been dealing with chronic urticaria since the beginning of her career. As a professional who has worked for Quebec public services for over 30 years, that’s a long time.


Elaine’s goals for the association inspire her to get involved full time so she can put apply her professional expertise to this important mission. Building strong relationships and a reactive membership is among top priorities if Elaine is to reach her goal: getting proper recognition for the disease and those that are afflicted by educating the general public, the various professional medical bodies, insurance companies, employers and more. Relationships with pharmaceutical companies must also be developed in order to advance research.


At the head of the association since its creation in 2018, Elaine helped obtain the incorporation, create the general regulations of the association and obtain the initial funding to implement the necessary tools to reach members and grow the association.

An effective communication plan aims to reach a larger pool of patients.

Dr Jaques Hébert


Dr Jaques Hébert a globally recognized leader in his field, began his research in immunology at the Center for Medical Research at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1976, he became a research associate at Laval University and later became head of the immunology and allergy clinic at CHUL.


Since then, he has held a number of positions, most notably those of professor at Laval University, senior researcher and co-director of the CHUL Center for Rheumatology and Immunology Research. Director of the Center for Applied Research in Allergy of Quebec,  he sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Immunology and was a member of the steering committee, and president in 2003, of the Canadian Society for rare blood disorders.


A prolific speaker, Dr. Hébert has participated in more than 50 national and international conferences around the world.


Notable contributions include:


  • President of a working conference in Los Angeles.

  • Co-Chair Cold Clinics symposium in Toronto.

  • President of a symposium on molecular biology.

  • Attendee for the Canadian Allergy Advisory Committee in New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington and Orlando.

He continues to contribute by seeking and sharing his knowledge.

Léonard Aucoin


Léonard Aucoin worked as a manager and as a strategic advisor in health and social services for more than 40 years. Currently retired, he provides insight from years of experience working in hospitals, health and social services centers, university hospitals, medical schools and research centers.


Mr. Aucoin also served as a member of the Clair commission, chairman of the review committee on the prevention and control of nosocomial infections, project manager for the creation of the National Institute of excellence in health and social services, member of the board of administration of Accreditation Canada and Accreditation Canada International.


In terms of research, Léonard was a member of the board of directors of Q-CROC (Consortium for research in clinical oncology of Quebec), member of the Scientific Board of the IRSST Robert-Sauvé research institute in health and safety work, and member of the International Scientific Committee of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) in Barcelona.


On a personal level, Léonard has been dealing with chronic, spontaneous urticaria with angioedema, since July 2019. He now serves as a special advisor to the Board of Chronic Urticaria.

Julie Auger, Esq.


Julie Auger, Esq. has practiced primarily in business law and civil and commercial litigation with Bouchard + Avocats for more than fifteen years.

In business law, she accompanies her clients through the winding journey of commercial transactions. From idea to signature, decisions must be made, terms negotiated and rights applied. With firmness, judgment and discernment, we can arrive at just the right compromises for the success of a transaction, a win-win for all parties. It is also responsible for setting up the financing necessary for the realization of business purchases.

In litigation, Me Auger represents corporate clients in both their commercial disputes and the agreement, recovery and realization of guarantees.

Simonne Lille


After a career in research, mainly in the field of Inflammation Immunology Allergy Rheumatology, Simonne Lille is ready to tackle a new challenge by participating in the development of the "Urtic" app, a project geared towards helping patients and physicians better understand, analyze and treat chronic urticaria.

"Cheers to the success of the company, and to improving the quality of life for those living with this disease".

Comment vivre avec mon urticaire chronique?
Qu’est-ce qui peut être amélioré pour moi?



Diane Fournier.jpg

Diane Fournier dealt with chronic urticaria for many years, without ever knowing the source of her symptoms. After a MSc in Physiology-Endocrinology with a focus on breast cancer hormonal treatment and molecular modeling, she made a career change from pharmaceutical research to software engineering. She worked at the CHUL research center, as an IT research professional within the Simulation and Screening Lab at Université Laval, and also as a software developer in industrial applications. She currently works as a software engineer for NDT applications at Eddyfi Technologies.


She will use her expertise in software development processes to support the development of the "Urtic" app.



“Throughout my career, it is research that has instilled in me the most beautiful professional values! Claudine Parent repeated this sentence throughout the 33 years that followed her 11-year stint at the CHUL's Immunology-Allergy-Rheumatology Laboratory, where she worked as a medical laboratory technologist with Dr. Jacques Hébert.


A graduate in business administration, in consulting and in political science, she was successively service manager in a university hospital environment, self-employed and in an advisory role with various managements of establishments of the Integrated University Health Network of the University. 'Laval University. ​


Retired since 2018, Claudine is enthusiastically returning to the world of immunology-allergy by being actively involved in the Canadian Chronic Urticaria Association.

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