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Discover the new face of Chronic Urticaria!

After a year of reflection and collaboration, we're proud to unveil our brand-new logo, symbolizing our ongoing commitment to our mission of support, our humanist values, and the quest for a better quality of life for patients living with chronic urticaria.

Our new design brings together five key symbols. First, a predominant "U" (urticaria) and its network of hexagonal alveoli symbolize both urticarial plaques and a network of mast cell cells from which escape the granules that cause hives. A large "C" is also present but subtly embedded in the hollow of the large "U" to allow the granules to escape. Incorporating the "C" into the "U" also illustrates the permeation of this chronic disease in patients' daily lives. Finally, the color blue, symbolizing confidence and tranquility, evokes the importance of supporting people living with this condition.

Collectively, these elements recall our vision of Union and Collaboration, with a capital "U" and a capital "C", where our patient association, in collaboration with its network of partners, becomes the Canadian reference for patients living with chronic urticaria, as well as for the healthcare professionals who accompany them in the various Canadian healthcare networks.

Feel free to share your impressions in the comments.

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