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Hives and rashes

It's common to think that hives and rashes are the same thing but in reality, they're different. While hives are one type of skin rash, not all rashes are caused by hives. Confusing, right?


- can appear briefly or linger for long time

- are bumps that can change in size, shape and colour

- appear all over the body or in 1 or 2 localized areas

- urticaria hives are small or larger, raised, itchy bumps

- may appear in clusters and spread, or remain contained.

Skin rashes:

- may appear all over the body or in 1 or 2 areas

- may make the skin rough and scaly, or look cracked

- unlike hives, they are NOT always itchy

- are indicated by changes in the colour or texture of the skin.

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