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Growth of the association

As of March 31st 2022, we have 368 website members, 213 Urticarians and 1248 subscribers to our Facebook page. We have recently created an Instagram account as well as a Twitter account to keep you better informed.

Urticaria Voices

Chronic urticaria has a considerable physical and psychological burden on the lives of patients. This burden is often underestimated, and the patient perspective is not widely understood and acknowledged.

The disconnect is particularly evident in the patient-physician dialogue, with chronic urticaria patients reporting feelings of not being understood by their healthcare professional.

Urticaria Voices is an international study with the aim of generating real-world evidence on the chronic urticaria patient's perspective of burden of disease, expectation of treatment, unmet needs and due differences in perception with healthcare professionals.

The Canadian campaign to recruit participants will be launched soon. We hope you will participate in large numbers !


Members of our team will be in Gatineau for a meeting of Association des Allergologues et Immunologues du Québec so as to make the association known to healthcare professionals.

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