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Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is composed of researchers and specialists from all disciplines related to chronic urticaria. Its objective is to define the theme of the scientific journal and to ensure the scientific character of its contents. More specifically, the committee validates the scientific content of the website and the association's communications.

The Scientific Committee proposes subjects to the journal's Editorial Board, specifically with regards to research evolution. Thus, it proposes themes and defines outlines for different subjects and validates information brought forth by potential contributors. The committee approves the planning of gatherings, manages scientific meetings and actively participates in face-to-face or virtual scientific activities. The members of the Scientific Committee anonymously evaluate the articles received by the Editorial Board, or propose other readers for validation.


The Scientific Committee provides the same review services and active participation for general practitioners and specialists communities that are contemplated in the association's business plan.


The scientific committee approves research projects where the association is involved as a participant, as a source of funding or as an independent validation authority.


The Scientific Committee participates in the strategic work and orientations of the association. It has a role in verifying the scientific quality of data for decisions that have an impact on the National Registry of Chronic Urticaria Information. 


Members of the Scientific Committee are involved in the management and handling of regional activities approved by the Association.


When one of its members must be replaced, the Committee shall provide for the replacement of the former member. As the Association's service offering evolves, the role of the Scientific Committee will become increasingly specific. 


However, this committee will always retain its primary role, which is to provide a scientific guarantee that the content offered by the association is reliable and up-to-date.

Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Jacques Hébert, Immunologist, Quebec

  • Dr Hermenio Lima, Dermatologist, Ontario

  • Dr Wayne Gulliver, Dermatologist, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Dr Moshe Ben-Shoshan, Immunologist, Quebec

  • Dr William Yang, Immunologist, Ontario

  • Dr Amin Kanani, Immunologist, Colombie-Britannique

  • Dr Gordon Sussman, Immunologist, Ontario

  • Dr Simon Nigen, Dermatologist, Quebec

  • Dr Susan Waserman, Immunologist, Ontario

  • Dr Gina Lacuesta, Immunologist, Nova Scotia

  • Dr Ariane Schreiber, Dermatologist, Quebec

  • Dr Jean-Nicolas Boursiquot, Immunologist, Quebec

  • Dr Hugo Chapdelaine, Immunologist, Quebec

  • Dr Charles Lynde, Dermatologist, Ontario

  • Dr Vincent Ho, Dermatologist, British Columbia

  • Dr. Louis Marois, Immunologue, Quebec

The role was validated at the General Assembly. Members will be progressively introduced with a photo and biography published on our social media channel and website. We sincerely thank each of our members for their involvement


Dr Ben-Shoshan


Dre Ariane Schreiber

Gordon L. Sussman.jpg

Dr Gordon L. Sussman


Dr Wayne Gulliver

Dre Gina Lacuesta (1).jpeg

Dre Gina Lacuesta

Dre Susan Waserman (1).jpg

Dre Susan Waserman

Dr William Yang (1).jpg
Capture d’écran, le 2021-11-09 à 14.40.34.png

Dr William H. Yang

Dr Hugo Chapdelaine

Dr Simon Nigen

Capture d’écran, le 2021-11-09 à 14.42.47.png

Dr Jean-Nicolas Boursiquot

Dr Jaques Hébert

Dr Hermenio Lima

Charles Lynde Headshot - Blue Background.jpg
AK picture (002).jpg
V. Ho photo.jpg

Dr Charles Lynde

Dr Amin Kanani

Dr Vincent Ho

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