Have you ever wondered how the guidelines and tools used to monitor chronic urticaria are developed ? How worldwide research projects are broadcast so that we can share up-to-date information ? 

There it is :

The Origins of GA²LEN

GA²LEN is a Network of Excellence of the leading European clinical and research facilities in the field of allergology and asthma, associated with the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and the organisation representing European patients with allergies and asthma (EFA). Started under the European Union Sixth Framework Programme for Research, GA²LEN has become a model project in Europe. GA²LEN addresses the growing public health concern of allergic diseases.

GA²LEN : Urticaria Center of Reference and Excellence - UCARE

GA²LEN  has recently launched a programme for the development, interaction and accreditation of centers of reference and excellence in special areas of allergy embedded in its overall quality management of allergy centres of excellence. The first area chosen is urticaria.


  1. Provide excellence in urticaria management

  2. Increase the knowledge of urticaria by research, studies and education

  3. Promote the awareness of urticaria by advocacy activities 

There are several urticaria centers of Reference and Excellence worldwide. There are four in Canada (UCARE | Centers (ga2len-ucare.com)) and their directors are members of our scientific committee.

Members meet regularly in conferences. The fifth conference took place in December 2021 in Hiroshima, Japan. The standard of care for urticaria are discussed and updated in these conferences by voting members.

UCARE has launched 2 large training programs - UCARE 4u, which is destined to patients and UCARE levelup, which is made for physicians. Both programs are great sources of information and education in order to better understand and manage urticaria.